Nav Canada suggest jail time for people flying UAV next to airport without authorization.



nav-canada-ceo-john-crichton-courtesyNav Canada PDG, John Crichton, suggest that recreational UAV pilot that fly their UAV next to airport should be prosecuted.

M. Crichton is stating that the message from the FAA and Transport Canada to not fly a UAV within 5 miles of an airport was very clear.
According to him, the government is not strict enough with the unlawful pilots and should take more measure to apply the law.
He is comparing the danger of flying a UAV next to a airport with discharging a firearm in the landing axis of a runway.. He is also mentioning that
jail time should apply to those who put the life of others at risk.

With more and more pilot doing reports of UAV to close to their aircraft, should we increase the fines and consequences in order to prevent these actions
or a better eduction should be enough?