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Funded in 2013, Spectral Aviation aims to be the reference for consulting services and training in the UAV field.

With more than 30 years of combined experience in commercial aviation, Spectral Aviation's team's goal is the safe development of civilian remotely piloted aircrafts through professional consulting services and training that is adapted to regulation and tailored to its customers' needs.

Spectral Aviation works closely with the UAS Centre of Excellence in Alma and Transport Canada to elaborate safe operating procedures and integration of UAVs in the Canadian airspace.


Theoretical Training

Whether it is for a custom training program or for our Drone Pilot theoretical training, all our courses are developped by taking all the operational and regulatory aspects of UAV operations

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Consulting Services

With its experience in the commercial aviation field and its knowledge of UAV industry, Spectral Aviation's team is able to fulfill all the needs of its clients regardin drone air operations

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Conferences and presentations

Whether it is for an association or a company, all our presentations are professionnal and customized to the client requirements

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    Research on the impacts of a collision between a drone and a human being are progressing in the United States. Indeed, several american universities and research centres are carrying out tests in order to know in which measure a collision between a person and a drone can cause wounds, or even be let ...

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    Interim Order March 16, 2017, the Honourable Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport introduced a measure to prevent the reckless use of drones that is putting the safety of Canadians at risk. This Interim Order regarding the use of model aircrafts, including recreational drones, is taking effect ...

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    With an aim of increasing aviation and public safety and for stimulating the innovation of this field, Transport Canada just announced the availability of a tool to report an imprudent or illegal use of a drone. The form to be filled online on Transport Canada's website makes it possible to repor ...

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    As we know it, the two exemptions to articles 602.41 and 603.66, which allowed the use of a UAV without having to obtain an SFOC, expired on December 21st. Although the idea not to have to await the authorization of Transport Canada to carry out an operation is attractive, the majority of operators ...

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    In the past, the data acquisition on large scales, for a topographical survey, the gathering of agricultural information or for any other use, could require alot of time and labor. For larger surfaces, it was not rare to call upon several teams of workers, sometimes coming from different companies. ...

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