A glimpse at what could be BVLOS regulation

The final report of the Canadian Aviation Regulation Advisory Council (CARAC) on the development of phase 2 of the regulation, UAVs of 25 kg or less operated beyond visual range, is now available. The CARAC’s prime objective is to assess and recommend potential regulatory changes through cooperative rulemaking activities.

The recommendations for phase 2 of the regulation for UAVs include:

  • The marking of certain categories of UAV will be mandatory.
  • The pilots must have a UAV pilot license delivered by Transports Canada.
  • To obtain a UAV pilot license, the candidates will have to fulfill the requirements of flight training.
  • IFR flights will be authorized if the crew holds the qualifications necessary.
  • The maintenance of a special airworthiness certificate could become mandatory.
  • Several rules and terms currently applying to manned aircraft will have to be re-examined in order to include UAVs.
  • The owners will have to maintain an organizational structure and systems similar to those of the owner of a manned aircraft.

For more details, we invite you to consult the final report for phase 2 of the UAV Systems Program Design Working Group.