Drones in Canadian Aviation Regulations


The CARs are very clear regarding drones, obtaining a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) is mandatory and Transport Canada will deliver one to any operator whom submits his application in the form and the manner required. The following CARs articles clearly states it:

 No person shall operate an unmanned air vehicle in flight except in accordance with a special flight operations certificate or an air operator certificate.

 This Division applies in respect of the following flight operations when not conducted under Part VII: […] […](d) the operation of an unmanned air vehicle;

 No person shall conduct a flight operation referred to in section 603.65 unless the person complies with the provisions of a special flight operations certificate issued by the Minister pursuant to section 603.67.

 Subject to section 6.71 of the Act, the Minister shall, on receipt of an application submitted in the form and manner required by the Special Flight Operations Standards, issue a special flight operations certificate to an applicant who demonstrates to the Minister the ability to conduct the flight operation in accordance with the Special Flight Operations Standards.


The Special Flight Operations Standards regarding UAVs are stated in article 623.65 d). They describe the information required in an SFOC application.