Drone pilot – theory


Training Description

The UAV pilot training is a 40 hours, 5 days theoretical training offered in collaboration with the UAS CE from Alma.
The following subject will be covered during the 5 days.

  •   Weather
  •   Flight theory
  • Canadian Aviation Rules (CAR)
  • Basic functionalities of UAV
  • Aerial Navigation
  • UAV instruments
  • Radio communication procedure
  •  Human factors

The course content is even higher than TC requirement TP15263.

At the end of the training, you will obtain the following certification

  • Training Certificate given by CED and Spectral Aviation
  • Restrained Radio Operator certificate.

The training certificate is a proper proof of knowledge to apply for a SFOC with Transport Canada.

Training Price

The training cost is 1500$

Frequently asked questions

Is the training mandatory?

According to the latest regulations published by Transport Canada, people who want to operate a UAV between 2.1 kg and 25kg must receive a theoretical training in order to be part of the exemption.

In the case an application for a Special Flight Operation Certificate is necessary, the training from Spectral Aviation is a great advantage. When sending the SFOC application to Transport Canada, one of the criteria’s to obtain the SFOC is to prove that you have the necessary theoretical knowledge to safely operate a UAV. In order to help, Transport Canada published a document with all the knowledge requirement called TP15263. The training from Spectral Aviation cover everything in the TP and even more since it is a priority for us to train safe and professional UAV operators.

Another important detail is that many insurance companies will require you to have a training in order to insure you.

Is the training accessible to all?

Even if the training is pretty intensive and complete, there is no prerequisite.

Is there a practical training?

In the traditional commercial aviation, every pilot must receive a practical training with an instructor on the new type of aircraft before being able to use it on his own. This is why we believe that a practical training should be given by the manufacturer or one of its representative in order to guarantee safe operations.

We are currently building relationship with manufacturer in order to be able to offer their training program. Please come regularly on the site or contact us in order to be up to date with the latest development.

Finally, even if our training is only theoretical, flying concepts are explain during the training course. This way , it will be easier to understand every phenomena and limitation in flight and you will be able to be more efficient in your practical training.

What are the advantages to take Spectral Aviation Training?

The Spectral Aviation got more than 30 years of experience in the commercial aviation. Furthermore, you are not paying for a practical training that your manufacturer would give you with the purchase of your UAV.

A strong knowledge on the flight theory will allow a easier practical training.

The training is intensive which means less timeout.

The training is given in collaboration with the UAS CE from Alma, an international reference in the UAV field.

When are the next training session and when can I register?

In addition to the planned training session, Spectral Aviation can provide training on client’s facilities in order to provide more specific training. For more informations please  Contact-us.